Frequently asked questions

About Qark

You sent me an unsolicited email - where did you get my address from?

From time to time we run recruitment campaigns from third-party contact lists who may have acquired your email address from a range of sources. These include sales contact lists from companies you may previously have bought from. If you do not wish us to contact you again once we send you an email of this nature, you can unsubscribe from all future contacts by using the link in the email we have sent you.

What is the QArk Panel?

The QArk panel is a group of individuals who are interested in helping public organisations and companies find out what people think and do.  Members of the panel are invited by email to answer research surveys on their opinions and activities.  In return they are rewarded for their time.

How does QArk fund itself?

We and other market research companies are commissioned by organisations or companies to find out your views and to analyse the results and what they might mean for their plans or priorities.
When they pay us to do this we pass some of that payment on to you!

Who runs QArk?

The QArk panel is run by an independent market research company called Arkenford Limited based in the UK.  To find out more about the research we do have a look at our website

How do I contact QArk?

QArk has a customer support team ready to help you with any enquiries via our contact form

Can you trust QArk?

QArk adheres and follow the MRS guidance for online research.  The latest guidance (January 2012) can be accessed online:

MRS - Online Research Guidelines (PDF format)


For more information on our policies and standards click here.


How can I join QArk?

Its easy and quick to join QArk, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the join up button and fill in a registration form.
  2. Open the confirmation email sent you when it arrives.
  3. Fill in your profile information.

You will then be eligible to take part in surveys.

Why should I become a member of QArk?

Only by registering and becoming a member will you be able to take part and earn from highly paid surveys, focus groups and product tests.

Is registration free?

Registration for QArk is entirely free – you will NOT be asked for any payment at any time. On the contrary, it is you who will earn rewards by taking part in surveys, focus groups and product tests through us.

What is the minimum age for registering with QArk?

You have to be 16 to join QArk, we will ask you to confirm that you are at least 16 before we will accept you onto the panel. 
If you are younger than 16, but want to take part you need to ask your parents or a guardian to join the panel.  They may then be sent invitations for surveys for younger people and can pass them onto you.

Do I have to live in the UK to join QArk?

Yes QArk is presently only open to UK residents and people resident in other countries will be excluded from the panel.

When will you contact me to ask for further information?

We will always identify ourselves when we contact you.  We will never ask you to give us any information in an email. 

When we contact you it will be either to invite you to a survey, to update and to ensure that our records of your personal information are correct, or to help in the management of QArk, for example to inform you that you have won a prize draw.

Will you protect personal information that I have given you?

Yes we will! 

  • We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • You can trust us to keep your personal details safe and free from any external parties. 
  • The information you provide us will only be used by QArk for research purposes.
  • Any information passed on to associated marketing research agencies will be anonymous.
  • Our privacy policy explains our approach in more detail.

Can I register more than once with QArk?

No we do not allow you to register more than once and have ways of detecting multiple registrations.  If you do this you would be breaking the terms and conditions under which you are a member of QArk and would be likely to be banned from the panel. See our Terms and Conditions

On what terms is our relationship based?

We accept all UK residents over the age of 16 as members of the QArk panel providing they agree to be bound by the QArk Panel terms and conditions of the panel membership. See our Terms and Conditions

How can I terminate my account?

Login, then from the main menu select “Account” and click on the "Unsubscribe" tab, then confirm clicking "Yes, let me out" button. 

Account Problems

I forgot my password

To recover your account password, please begin with these steps:

  1. Visit our password recovery page.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click Send.

If the system accepted your username, you'll now receive an email in your inbox with a link to reset your password.

I forgot my registered email address

If you can't remember your registered email address, follow these steps to retrieve it:

  1. Visit the contact page.
  2. Enter your contact email address in the Email: field.
  3. Enter the name you used when registering in the Name: field.
  4. Enter 'I forgot my password' in the Subject: field.
  5. Select 'Technical problems' from the Topic: field.
  6. Please complete the Message: field with any information that may help us identify your user account.
  7. Click Contact us.
  8. You will be contacted by a member of support staff as soon as possible.


My password doesn't seem to be working

The password field is case-sensitive, so make sure you're using the correct capitalization and check to see if Caps Lock is on. Don't worry about being locked out for trying to sign in too many times-QArk doesn't limit your attempts.

Can I change my username and email address?

Yes, just login and from the main menu select “Account”. Click on "My details" tab and update your details.

When should I update my personal information?

It is important to keep your personal information as up to date as you can as this may influence the surveys you receive.

If you wish to make a change to any of your details then go to the My Profile page after you have logged in.  You can make the changes here at any time you want.

QArk may also send you requests to fill in extra profile information from time to time.  One of the most frustrating parts of online research is if you get invited to a survey and then find you are not the kind of person the research is looking for.  Extra profile information helps us to better select the surveys you are eligible for and will also tend to mean you are more often selected to do research relevant to your profile.


How can I participate in surveys?

  • Simply sign-up to QArk and you will be mailed surveys as they become live.
  • Simply click on the survey link and it will send you directly to the survey. 

The more complete your profile is, the greater your chance of qualifying and being invited to take part in surveys.


When will I be invited to do a survey?

When we do market research we have to select a sample of people who reflect the group we want to research, for example; holidaymakers or video-gamers.  We use the profile information you have given us to try and select the right people for each project.  The more profile information you have filled in the better able we are to know if to invite you.

How long do surveys take?

Different surveys take different amounts of time.  The survey should give you an indication of how long it will take at the start so you can decide if you want to do it.

How long do I have to complete the survey?

Surveys will remain live until they have have been completed, this could be either hours, days or weeks.

How much will I earn from my participation?

The reward for each survey can vary, you will see at the start of the survey details of what the reward for taking part is (depending on the length - between £0.10 and £4.00)

We do not reward you for:

  • filling in profile questions as it is in your own interests to complete the profile information.
  • completing pop poles or fun surveys, we add these to the website for your interest and entertainment.

Will QArk try to sell me anything?

No, under no circumstances will surveys be used to sell or promote a project. You may however be invited to join other panels or community projects.

Why was I excluded from a survey?

Some surveys have special criteria for the sample.  Often surveys ask questions at the front of the survey to identify if you are the kind of person the organisation or company wants to interview.  If you are not, then unfortunately you will not be able to take part in that survey.  This will never prevent you doing other surveys.

As there are many members of the panel, the longer you take to reply to an invitation to take part in a survey the more likely it is that the survey will be closed or will have collected enough people like you (for example in the same age group).

What does "Quota Full" mean?

Quota full means that the survey is full of respondents within the targeted range. This can be either before the start of a survey, which is normally indicated as closed, or sometimes in the early stages of a survey where certain criteria within the survey becomes filled. This normally varies depending on the rate any given survey is responded to and the overall amount of responses needed by different people to fill a quota. Surveys where you receive “Quota Full” do not count as fully completed and incentives are not rewarded as the information is not used.

Why have I not received any invitations recently?

  1. Please check that our email addresses and has been added to your safe contact list in your email system or your invites may be blocked or sent to a junk folder.
  2. The number of invites you receive depends on several things: the number of surveys being done, the particular people organisations or companies want to interview, the number of people eligible to take part in each survey etc.

If you are able to login to the system then you can be sure that your account is still active and that you are still eligible to receive invitations.  The more profile information you give us the more likely you are to be invited to take part in relevant surveys.

Why can’t I open a survey?

Not all internet providers allow users to click on links within their email. If you are unable to gain access to our survey please try the following:

Copy and paste the link from your email into the browser address box and press enter. This will take you directly to the correct page. 

Please make sure that:

  • you copy the entire web address into the browser as sometimes the link can spread over two lines.
  • the link you copy does not contain any line breaks as this will also stop the link from working.

Why do I get moved from one survey to another?

Surveys are sent automatically when your profile matches the requirements of the survey. However, there will be times when the survey is full or you are screened out and instead of terminating you from the survey the system automatically looks for other surveys that match your profile. In this way you have the opportunity to participate in another survey.

I get an error on the survey

If cookies are not enabled the survey will not recognize you as the respondent when you reach the end page of the survey and you will receive timed out. Please make sure that you have your cookies enabled. For information on how to enable your cookies, please contact you computer administrator.

When a survey is left open for an extended period of time the browser session expires and you will be timed out from the survey. In this case it is not possible to start the survey again or for a new link to be sent.


When do I get credited for taking part in a survey?

When you have successfully completed a survey your answers will be checked to ensure that they meet the quality standards of the market research company doing the research.  They will generally look for internal consistency in your answers, that you have taken a reasonable time to complete the survey and have not in any obvious way failed to answer the questions.

It may take some time for the whole research to be completed, for example if it needs many people to answer it.  Once a piece of research is complete and your answers checked the reward for doing the survey will be credited to your account.  For big surveys this may take 4-6 weeks.

How much will I get for doing surveys?

The reward for each survey can vary, you will see at the start of the survey details of what the reward for taking part is.

We do not reward you for:

  • filling in profile questions as it is in your own interest to complete the profile information.
  • completing pop poles or fun surveys, we add these to the website for your interest and entertainment.

How can I check my balance?

Login, then from the main menu select “Account” and click on the "Account Balance" tab. 
This page allows you to view the actions you have earned from, your current balance and how you have redeemed your cash so far.

How can I claim my rewards?

To redeem your rewards, you need to sign in to your QArk account. From the main menu select the "Account" tab and click on the "Claim Rewards" tab.

To be able to claim a reward you will need to have a balance of £10.00 or more in your QArk account. 

Please note that the lowest denominations that Love2Reward will issue is £10.00 so accounts you must have a minimum £10.00 credit before cards can be topped up or issued.

Who is eligible for rewards? 

QArk memebers must be residents of the UK in order to be eligible for rewards. To be able to claim a reward you will need to have a balance of £10.00 or more in your QArk account.